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The Truth Is Out There


My Bio

I live in California. I go to Cal State LA, where I am majoring in TV, Film, and Media. I have been a Josh fan since Nov. 2001. I am obsessed with The X-Files, House M.D., Harry Potter, Josh Groban, The Office (UK and US), and Gary Oldman.

My Hobbies

Hanging out with friends, going to movies, watching The X-Files (I WANT XF3!!!), going to Dodger games, rock concerts, Harry Potter, Gary Oldman movies, Hugh Laurie, House M.D., The Office, The Twilight Saga, and of course listing to my Josh Groban CD's.

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    Hiya, long time no see in the fabulous Dr Carlisle thread :'(
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    hi karen my name is marcela and i´m from argentina i was readind some posts here suddenly i see something familiar so i take a closer look and in your signature i found mulder and scully ( i used to be a big x files fan) so i check you profile and find out about the new movie that other wise i wouldn´t know so thanks! i´ll find out more about it on the web
    take care
    mar(lilith blue star)


    Reply from XPhile03:

    You should go to X-Files Ultimate. It's a really grate website and it has all you need to know about the new movie.

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    Gosh, you mean because of their greediness we had to wait!! We could have had a movie way back when. But I will look forward to seeing him again, its been way too long. :) image I used to have such a crush on him when i was younger. Well i still think he's hott and always will be, but not quite a crush anymore.
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    The funny thing about X-files is that I went to see the 1st movie on my very first date when i was like 15 lol. Gosh that seems like such a long time ago. I wonder why they decided to make a new one now instead of like 8 years ago.

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